Sunday, December 20, 2009

New technology developed by Microsoft for photography DNA Image

Microsoft together with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) has innovated a New Image DNA Technology to fight against child abuse. Microsoft has done withe their own dedicated Microsoft Research section and Dartmouth College. This Technology is a revolutionary step in the mission of stopping child abuse.

With this Technology of Image DNA, the system fetches the images that resemble each other, no matter whether they have been edited, resized, etc. and then logs them. The images are then matched using a certain methodology. This process involves the inspection of several aspects like monochrome of the image, chopping the image into smaller bits and the intensity gradients are turned into a signature. Despite of any edition the signatures will still retain originality. Thus, facilitating the system in looking for its replicates. there may be some similarities that could do comparison of the QR codes, thereby allowing the same cells to compare their images. Hence, this process aids the system in finding the images with similar gradients and duplicates of the Image across the web world.

The ISP’s are then provided with all the signatures, data strings to map the counterparts of the Image. To take full advantage of this Technology, government needs to issue a policy so as to do the authorization of the ISPs and content providers in order to enable to use this Technique of Image DNA. Microsoft is donating this Technology to the NCMEC, that later on will be licenced to other law enforcement agencies all over the world. Besides that this methodology of Image DNA can be efficiently used in indoor, internal networks of law enforcement for identifying the same victim at multiple station, this system could even be used to

While this could well be used in closed, internal networks of law enforcement to determine the same victim across multiple situations and abusers, this system could also be enabled to disentangle the Internet and ISP networks for its replicated data. With the invention of the New Image DNA Technology, Microsoft again has led the society in mission of fighting against child abuse and harassment cases.

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