Saturday, October 24, 2009

25 Insane iPhone And Gadget Costumes

Can't live without a cell phone or media player? A Halloween costume is a great way to celebrate your favorite gadget. Besides, when dressing up as an iPhone, BlackBerry, iPod or even Facebook for a Halloween party, you will totally smash the classical community of Witches, Elfs and Vampires.

Here is a showcase of amusing and creative cell phone and gadget costumes. These guys know how to look different on Halloween. Check out this hilarious collection, then create your own geeky style which one day may inspire others.


We are not sure whether this doggy cares about the iPhone craze at all, but he definitely looks stunning in this neat costume. Wonder how the owner is dressed up?
New age trick-or-treaters

This iPod family has probably the best chances to become a candy champ in their area. They chose the right brand to rock the neighborhood on Halloween.

Hallow Moto!

iPhone costumes are the latest fashion rage, so this year a school Halloween party may look like an Apple retail store. The guy in the picture sets the right example -- think different (seriously!) and dress up as Motorola RAZR. After all, vintage style is cool, too. (We're waiting to see who's hip enough to create a StarTac costume.)

Cool Apps

This costume looks pretty conventional at first, but look closer and you will see the gimmick: funny Apps icons. Definitely, a clever take on the iPhone.

iPod Couple

This couple looks lovely in their iPod costumes. No doubts, if they were at the gadget fancy-dress ball, they would be number one. Dancing can be a problem, though...

Cycle Phone

This shot depicts a scene from the upcoming movie A Couple of Dicks. Tracy Morgan wearing a giant cell phone costume on a stylized bicycle is hilarious -- maybe you can use this costume idea when getting ready for Halloween.
Skintight phone costume

We are pretty sure that the designer of this costume was inspired by some ultra-slim cell phone model. This is probably the most desperate take on the phone costume in our selection.
iPod Earbuds Costume

Not only did these guys hit everybody with their fun earbuds costumes, but they also provided music out of a portable speaker hidden inside, so they were absolutely authentic.

There are tons of gadgets and devices available today, so you have an endless source of ideas for your Halloween costume. Be unique and have a happy Halloween!

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